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Gold! The Fug Girls have captured the glory that was Kelly Wearstler's turban. It makes me smile at the absurdity of it all.

I spent the weekend mostly curled up at home. I slept in past noon on both days.

Saturday was some knitting, some suspense movies on tv, cleaning the toilets and sinks, and then being kidnapped for dinner at Ceviche by Theo, Mike and Cosette. The Aji de Galliano was perfect comfort food for the cold, and I did get to peek at the painting projects of great coolness, but they returned me home to crash. I do now have a decent start on a second set of stockings.

Sunday was knitting, watching tear-jerkers (August Rush and The Jane Austen Book Club), and drawing out my next embroidery project. I've started a bit on a little 4x6" panel for my Mother-in-Law in thanks for her hospitality and support during our many visits up to MA for the Plimoth jacket project. Again, I'm taking from Isobel's Arabella pattern, highlighting the pink carnation, and other elements surrounding it. I need more green silk though, as there are more leaves than I anticipated.

Tags: cleaning, embroidery, fashion, knitting, mil-panel, tv

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